Monday, 22 August 2011

Temporarily cyst-free!

Hey lovelies,  I would have shared this sooner but I've been way to exhausted recovering from my procedure that I just haven't had a chance.

SO, everything went well last Thursday.  My doc has proven yet again what a sweet and super smart man he is.  He held my hand as I went under and he's the first person I saw when I woke up.  He gave me the news straight away as he didn't want me to lie there wondering how everything had gone.  He even had a joke with me about the fact that I was totally unprepared for the extra trim the nurse gave me as I was drifting into unconsciousness!

I have NO endometriosis, which is a huge relief to Hubby and me.  My tubes and uterus all looked in tip-top shape, all flushed through with dye to prove it.  My ovaries were chock-a-block full of cysts, about 20-30 each ovary, and these were all drilled and washed through too.  I'm over the moon!

Recovery has been sore but manageable.  I have two little cuts on my stomach and one hiding in my pubic region.  I've had a bit of blood loss, which I've been told is completely normal.  And I'm bloated as heck, but I don't mind.  Hubby has been taking very good care of me by making me meals in bed, helping me to get comfy on the couch, downloading LOTS of my favourite TV shows (Suits, Shameless and True Blood) and re-heating my two wheat bags almost every hour on the hour.  He's a good husband.

I got back and see my doc in four weeks, but until then I'm just in recovery mode.  He's not sure whether my body will spontaneously produce an egg this cycle, so we're OPK testing in case.  If no go this cycle we'll discuss what drugs and procedures to use next.  

BUT I'm hugely optimistic.  I've always told myself that if I could just clear up the cysts my body would know what to do next.  All we need is one egg, we have healthy sperm and a healthy uterus.  So I'm saying my prayers that God will give my body a second chance at this egg production thing and this has all been a giant step closer to parenthood!

So here's some show and tell:

The white sacs are obviously my ovaries.  All those little spots on them are the drilled out cysts.

My pretty pink uterus is the pink blob attached to them at the top.

The blue dye in the bottom picture was flushed through my uterus, up my tubes and came out the drilled follicles - VERY GOOD SIGN! 


  1. WOW! That is really fascinating!

  2. Whoa, interesting pictures! Glad that you are now cyst-free! I hope your recovery goes smoothly, and of course that all this leads to your baby.