Sunday, 13 November 2011

Worth your weight in toilet paper

The budget's been a bit tight in the Sunny household lately.  I can't remember if I told you, but Hubby's old job was made redundant following the QLD floods, when his boss couldn't reopen their music store.  So we became a single income family whilst he searched for bigger and brighter ventures.  A few weeks turned into three and a bit months, but luckily he's back in business!  So in the meantime, we've learned, or more like we've been forced, to become a lot tighter with our budget.  Fortunately my income is quite good and we can get from payday to payday without too much stress.  BUT we have had some tense weeks. 

Why is it that all your BIG bills (electricity, health, car) all come at the same time?  Do the people sitting in the accounts departments of these institutions have secret communications, so that they can send out all your bills at once? 

Hubby walked through the local supermarket today, checking things off our list as we went through the aisles, and putting back the non-essentials we could bare the part with (fancy shampoo and a cat toy).  We had a great tag-team arrangement when it came to groceries.  He pushes the trolley and collects the heavier items, while I run around trying to grab all the little things.  We meet back in an aisle with our findings, check out our list, and keep going.  This is a much easier task, mind you, when the budget is a little more flexible, because then I don't have to meticulously scan each food group for the best quality, yet budget friendly item.  Hubby doesn't love this fact.  He likes all his usual brands, and will only budge on minor things like cat food and dishwashing liquid.  BUT, there is one thing we both agree on. TOILET PAPER!  We don't care how poor we get, how many other items have to go back on shelves, come hell or high water, we buy the same brand TP every shop.  It is soft and three-ply, scent free and quilted.  And it comes in a 24 pack for only $12.00!!  So why would we swap?

Our post checkout pattern is always the same too.  We come home, unload, and then I put it all away in all the correct spots.  And yes, I'm a bit OCD about this part!  When it comes time to put the new TP in the cupboard, I just can't do it.  Not yet, anyway!  I walk into both of our bathrooms and neatly stack the new TP into the baskets.  But then I think, well we've got lots, why don't I put more out?  So the neat stacks become TP roll mountains, as I try to wedge just one more on the top.  When I am satisfied that no more can possibly fit, I stand back and review my work.  Out of a 24 pack, I managed to get nine rolls in one basket, and 10 in the other!  Not bad huh!

So Hubby walks by me this afternoon, as I'm creating these beautifully mastered TP mountains, and stops to do a double-take.  "Whatcha doing?" he asks, as I beam with pride.  "Just filling up the toilet paper", I reply, like it's the most normal thing in the world.  "Why so much though?" he questions.  And this is what I tell him...

For some reason, in all our weeks of being super strict with our budget, having to forego retail therapy, not having "fun" food in the house, staying in instead of going out, TP has become an important luxury staple for me.  It's the one thing that we don't scrimp on, because who loves cheap TP?  NOT ME!!  So, I feel kinda chuffed when payday comes around and I can go out and by this little luxury.  I want people to know that we're not too broke for nice toilet paper.  Don't ask me why, I just do!

What's the point of having all that lovely toilet paper if nobody can see it?

So yes, while being on a budget hasn't been great fun, we're doing just fine.  Somehow your brain always brings you something to take your mind off the things you miss.  So what if I have traded expanding my shoe collection with three-ply toilet paper?  I will live a luxuriously budget life from now on!


  1. Hahaha this post is awesome. I love it!

  2. I am with you on the TP! I'll eat generic Cheerios for 3 meals a day but cheap toilet paper? Not a chance!