Wednesday, 25 January 2012

THE Chat

Last Wednesday...
It was 10am as I sat in my specialist's office.  Slightly overtired from the shift I'd just finished at work that night, I stared at the wall til he called my name.  I was prepared for what I wanted to say this time around.  Instead of just nodding my head and mumbling "yes, okay, if you think so", Hubby had rehearsed with me several times the week leading up to this day exactly what it was I needed to say:  "Clomid obviously doesn't work, it makes me feel like crap warmed up, I don't want to keep wasting time using it."  Nothing too complicated, just the facts.  We were ready to move to the next step.  

Well, he must have read my mind.  Asking the same question he does every visit, "Any good news for me yet?", knowing full well the answer was a resounding, big, fat NO!  "Okay" he says, "time to move on to some more serious options. How do you feel about IUI?"  "Great!", I reply.  This is exactly what we'd hoped he'd suggest. "More importantly, how do you feel about injections?" he continued.  I am strong, I could deal with a little jab everyday, especially if it meant stepping a little closer to parenthood.  "Alright, you start tomorrow!  Go see our nurse for your kit.  We'll have you back in 8 days for your follicle scan and we'll go from there."

Well, it turns out my bravery about injecting myself wore off after my first, exhaustion-induced attempt.  I think I was so tired when I met the nurse I just jabbed away in the hopes that I'd get home to bed a bit sooner.  The next few days weren't so confident.  I'd count to three, knowing full well that on 'three' I'd be sticking myself.  But 'three' would come, I'd hold my breath and...chicken out.  So then I'd start the countdown again.  I quickly learned that the quicker you go, the less you feel it.  And luckily I've added a little poodge to my belly in recent weeks, so I had plenty of belly to grab on to.  Day by day, I got better and better.  Hubby even had a turn!!

So fast forward through the last seven days to today!  Yet again sitting in his clinic waiting room following another night at work.  Coffee in hand, I waited to be called.  Throughout the week Hubby and I tried not to get too ahead of ourselves.  We didn't want to get excited in case we produced too little or too many follicles and had to cancel.  But as I sat there, watching two-year-old twins play with toys in the corner, I realised I wasn't nervous, but excited!  Maybe this really would work and we'd have a real shot at getting pregnant.  I almost jumped out of my seat when he called my name.

Getting straight to the point, I dropped my dacks, got up on the bed and prepared for the ultrasound to begin.  "There they are!" he says, a big smile on his face, "two big 2cm follicles on the left, and one big 2cm follicle on the right.  How do you feel about inseminating three?"  Now this is something Hubby and I had talked long and in depth about.  Would we go ahead with more than two?  HECK YES!!  We had made it this far, trusting that the right number would come along so we could start our IUI, and here they were.  There's no guarantee that any of them will fertilise, let alone all three.  But we trust in God to make that choice for us.  So yes, we're very happy with three!!

We made a plan for the IUI:  trigger shot at lunch today, Hubby's sample dropped off at 8am tomorrow, we pick up the washed sample at 9.30am and then we're off to his office for insemination at 10am.  Simple as that!! 

So, in the space of 10 days we will go from getting nowhere, to full speed ahead!  I'm excited, I'm nervous, I know I'm not going to sleep tonight, but that's okay because tomorrow I'll be on bed rest and can catch up then.  Holy moley! Here we go!!

Sending lots of positive thoughts out into the world today, in the hopes that we get some back.  Let me know where you are all up to in your plans.  Would love to hear what everyone else is up to!

Wish us luck! xx



  1. Yahooo! Haven't read a better post on this blog!! :D

  2. Exciting! I hope it works for you. Best of luck!

    I am recovering from laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and D&C, for diagnostic/investigative purposes. All seems to be well with my insides. Great news, except for that whole we still don't know why we haven't been able to get pregnant part.

  3. Soooo excited for you! I remember the excitement of my first IUI and hope for a BFP for you. Me...recovering from laperoscopy, hysteroscopy...7 dpo on a natural cycle. The 2WW. Ugh. Happy to connect with you in blogesphere. New follower!

  4. Yay! I am so excited for you!

  5. This is great news friend. I am glad you knew what you wanted and didn't have to poke and prode to get it. I wish you luck that at least one of those eggies stick. I am a little surprised that he let you go ahead with three honestly. My RE may not have been so liberal.
    Two weeks feels so long! Keep busy!

    1. I was a little surprised by 3 as well! Though I am silently terrified all 3 may fertilise. We just cross our fingers and hope God gives us the right babies at the right time. Only He knows what we're capable of!
      The 2 weeks is going to drive me crazy, especially since I have the first of the 2 off work.
      I hope your procedure recovery is going well. I wish you nothing but the best, always MissC xx

  6. thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I am soooo excited for your news and am so grateful that you were able to move past the devil that I call clomid, lol. I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow you as you go through with the next exciting step!!

    all of my fingers and toes are crossed for you :)