Thursday, 5 January 2012

Good riddance 2011, welcome 2012

Who else is thoroughly relieved that 2011 is FINALLY over?!?  It seems that almost everyone I speak to feels the same way - 2011 will go down in history as one of the hardest, trouble-filled, exhausting years to date!  What was it about that particular year that made it so horrible for everyone?  

For us 2011 started the same way it finished: stressful, chaotic and smothered in bad news.  We thought starting the year with a state-wide, devastating flood would mean that things could only get better as the year went on.  But we were surprised to learn how wrong that thinking was.  We have dealt with Hubby being laid-off, personal financial crisis, deaths in the family, other family tragedy and illness, surgery, failed fertility, and the highest stress levels I think we have ever coped with.  

BUT!  We made it through, relatively unscathed (apart from some psychological damage, but hey, who doesn't have that?), and were able to celebrate a few wins amongst the piles of crap.  We welcomed our new niece JJ, who is adorable beyond words, as well as several other of our friend's new little cuties,  we purchased a second car, we spent some time with long-lost overseas relatives, traveled to parts of Queensland I've never been before, found a lovely new fertility specialist and were able to spend Christmas as husband and wife, alone for the first time ever!  

All in all, I'm pretty darn proud of how we managed our way through the poo pile that was 2011.  There were times I wanted to pack it in, have a tantrum and give up.  Even now, I think back to particular times during the year where I NEVER thought we'd make it through sanely.  And no doubt I'm a little bit more cynical about certain things, careful with others, and so much of a bigger potty mouth than when it all started.  But I'm also hopeful that 2012 brings a fresh start, a chance for a do-over, something positive...maybe even a baby???  

My motto for this year is I AM READY!! 
I am ready for change, I am ready for positivity, I am ready for happiness, I am ready to start our family.  I am ready, are you?

So, cheers to 2012!!  May it be a greater year for everyone!  And good riddance to bad rubbish 2011.  Thank goodness you'll never show your ugly face around here again!



  1. This past year was a long one for us too. I am feeling really positive that 2012 is going to be a good year. At least.... I hope so!!!

  2. I hear you. As much as I miss my babies, I want this past year to stay in the past.
    There better be good things for us this time around or someone is getting the crap beat out of them!

  3. I'm ready too. Although I cannot promise 2012 will be completely tantrum-free. We all get a freebie or 2, don't we?!?!