Sunday, 9 March 2014

Weekly brain dump

Oops, I'm running a bit late with last weeks dumpage. Ah well... I might combine two weeks worth and then get back on track next week. I can do that, since it's my blog and all. Haha!

Gracie reached a significant milestone this week, four months old. Her precious face no longer resembles the tiny baby that she once was, she now looks like a little girl. I look at her and see the toddler she'll grow into. I'm loving this stage of her growth. She is so clever and cute. I watch her learn a new skill every day. It really is remarkable. 

She's still struggling with her teething. Still no show of those pegs!  We've started her on first taste foods too. She doesn't mind rice porridge and she's pretty good with a pumpkin-carrot-sweet potato combo. She's not too keen on apple or fruit combo just yet. This change of diet has given her a bit of constipation unfortunately, so she spends most of her day drooling and grunting. Haha!



Autumn is here! I'm very much looking forward to some cooler weather, though we're not going to experience that for a while here in Queensland. So far we've still been coping with 30'C and over days, though we have had some rain which I love! 

My garden certainly is appreciating the change in weather too. I recently purchased some discounted dahlias from our garden centre which we on sale due to their wilting leaves. But after a good prune and some rain they have come up quite beautifully. 



I've been having lots of nightmares this last week or so.  I don't really know what they are about, as I only remember minor details, but there is the reoccurring theme of protecting Gracie from something evil.  I think it has something to do with the tension in my family at the moment.  I've also been grinding my teeth which leaves me with a mega headache.  Bloody family!!


March kicks off mega birthday month in the Sunny-side of the family.  It feels as though there is a birthday every other day during March!  Don't believe me, here's what my calendar looks like...


Those are ALL birthdays! 


Our home currently looks like a baby obstacle course, and by that I mean there are baby toys, baths, chairs, play mats, etc., all over the dang place.  The challenge is to be able to walk from the lounge to the kitchen or up the stairs to our bedrooms without tripping, bashing a knee, scraping an elbow or cursing your brains out. I've got to find somewhere to store the outgrown bath and the multiple baby seats when not in use. 


And lastly, I was able to negotiate an awesome return-to-work date with my amazing boss this week. I am over the moon that I'll be able to stay home with my little G until after her first birthday. A combination of saved up annual leave and parental leave means I will have a total of 13months of maternity leave altogether and it's all paid!! Woot woot!! So all those years of not taking holidays has finally paid off!!

How's your fortnight been?  Are you sick of these little brain dumps yet?  Is anybody out there? 


  1. I love dahlias! They are my favorite. I'm so jealous you have flowering plans while we still have about half a foot of snow on the ground. March is a busy month for birthdays in my family too.

    1. Oh me too Liz. The one pictured above is now a totally different colour, it's amazing!!