Monday, 17 March 2014

Weekly brain dump

Oh heck, I'm late again...

It's been a big week of emotion in our great state of Queensland. This week we saw the harrowing conclusion to one of the most heinous crimes our state has ever seen, the abduction and murder of 13 year old Daniel Morcombe. Stolen from his home town in December 2003, his family began the ten year search to find him and bring him home. Sadly though this ultimately resulted in the unearthing of remains and a devastated family. 

I was 17 when this crime first happened. Daniel was taken doing something that any teenager, including myself, would be doing on any given day; waiting for a bus to head to the shops.  He never caught that bus, and from the moment they knew he was missing his incredible family began a nation-wide search to find him. As time passed they never gave up, they only grew stronger in their resolve to find Daniel and make the country a safer place for all children. 

On Thursday the key suspect in his disappearance was convicted for murder, and on Friday he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. And as I sat on my couch, eyes glued to the TV along with so many other Australians, I wept. I wept for his parents, his brothers and his extended family. I wept for those in the jury and the judge who had to make such a decision and listen to weeks of testimony and evidence. I wept for a final just result. A sick, depraved and evil man will now live out what may be the last of his days behind bars and never be able to harm another child.

This result can't bring back their beautiful boy, but I pray that it brings them some peace of mind. They fought tooth and nail to find their son and they did not fail him. They should be so proud of the efforts they have made, the changes they have brought about to ensuring child safety is a priority in our country. They are remarkable people.

In lighter news the March birthday madness is off to a great start! We've been to two birthday parties in two weeks, celebrating with Gracie's Auntie K and our gorgeous little friend Mimi.  I love birthdays because birthdays mean cake. And I LOVE cake!


My brain hurts. And I mean literally aches. We've been fighting off some kind of nasty head bug this week and so far we've won for the most part. Instead of full-blown cold or flu it's only managed to cause relatively minor damage with a snotty nose for Miss G and a four day migraine and earache for me and Sunny Hubby.  Why do migraines make you feel like your eyes will pop out of your head? All I want to do is drink hot tea and close my eyes. 

And lastly a little Gracie update because I'm so excited about it. She's finally making moves towards crawling. After weeks and months of protesting tummy-time she's now able to push her upper body off the ground using her arms. Her little legs wiggle like crazy in an attempt to move forwards, but mostly she's just scuttling backwards. She can change direction though. We've been placing toys just out of arms reach in different places for her and one-by-one she can wriggle around to them all. It's so freakin' cute! 

How's your week been?
Have you too been following the Morcombe's? What are your thoughts/reactions? 

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