Monday, 23 May 2011

Grateful to the brim

I don't know where to start!  The last few days have blown me away.  With all that's going on with cycles and eggs and near-misses, I have felt really low.  But my perspective has been changed by the kindness of others and the things I love about my life (even without a baby!).

Today my husband has been sick as a dog and I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to feel better so I ran around the pharmacy and then off to the shop for fresh bread for lunch.  I washed the "couch dooner" so he could snuggle beneath it and rest while I pottered around, only to realise we had an appointment that couldn't be missed.  So I dragged his poor self off the couch, out into the rain and off we went.  I felt so bad, but he was so kind and so obliging.  We hopped back into the car after our appointment and were headed home when Hubby turns to me with a smile and says "I love doing things with you, even everyday, boring things."  He is WAY too lovely to me!

This evening I got to spend another date night at the movies with Zannie.  I can't tell you how much I love hanging out with her!  We can talk about EVERYTHING and it's never awkward or out of bounds.  We can watch girly movies together, share a bag of lollies and just be.  It's some of my favourite time!

So I've been thinking, and it hasn't taken me very long at all, but I wanted to share with you some of the things I love about life right now!
  • Time alone with my beloved Husband - who surprises me every day with how much more love I can fit in my heart for him!
  • Spending time with my girlfriends and catching up on life over coffee, movies, nappy changes and Facebook
  • That Boo (our cat) greets me at the bottom of the hall stairs EVERY time I return home - and that her meowing now sounds like "muuuuuuuuum" :)
  • Hitting the shuffle button on my iPod and it knowing exactly what mood I'm in and what music I want to hear - this happens so often it's uncanny, and I have a lot of crap on there! *high five iPod*
  • The rain - it's pretty simple, I just love the shadowy, cool, snuggly vibe it brings over the world
  • Logging off blogger and Facebook for three days to come back and see I now have 42 Likers!  You are all seriously so awesome!  Reading your comments literally brings both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.  So many times this week I've had to explain to Hubby that I'm crying because someone I've never met said something lovely to me!
  • Hearing a song that pretty much sums up your life at that moment.  Here's mine:


  1. Sunny, this was one of the coping strategies I used for years during our infertility to fertility journey. For everything that got me down and disillusioned, I would try to recognise something to be grateful for. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep dreaming, keep praying, and above all, NEVER give up hope. KB

  2. I totally read this the other night & forgot to comment! Love this song. Love that you've got an awesome husband. Love YOU!