Wednesday, 25 April 2012

30 Days of Grateful Blogging - Day 1

It's ANZAC Day here in Australia.  A day when we commemorate the efforts of our servicemen and women, who have fought with honour and pride alongside their allies, since this day in 1914.  We have fought for freedom and justice both on home shores and abroad, in over 10 different nations world wide.  We have answered the call for help, when all hope seemed lost.  And we came heroes to our loved ones and our country.

Today I am grateful to be able to share in such an important tradition.  Early this morning I attended a service held by the Royal Australian Navy - Corvette Association, on the banks of the beautiful Brisbane River.  With a crowd of little of 100 attendants, we sang Naval songs and said prayers for all those who defended us by sea.  My husband and his brass band, The South Brisbane Federal Band, were invited to play for the ceremony.  It was simply moving. 

After this, we made a quick dash back into the city for the Brisbane City ANZAC Parade.  Of all the years we've lived in Brisbane, we've never made the trek in on the day because we attend smaller, local services.  Today, however, The Feds were invited to march and play alongside some of the diggers.  I had NO idea how much went into making this parade work.  The whole of King George Square was full of servicemen and women, bands, school groups, veterans, and media, all waiting for their call to march.  The march twice around the city square block and head up into ANZAC Square.  There is an overwhelming sense of pride that washes over you as you see all those heroes marching to the beat of the various bands (brass, drumming, pipe).  

As I was trying to find myself somewhere to set up camp and view the parade, I spotted something very special out of the corner of my eye.  A group women in original 1914 military nurse uniforms!  As a nurse myself (and a proud one from a very long heritage, I might add) this made my heart skip a beat.  Those gorgeous red capelets and crisp white gloves epitomize the women's contribution to early war time.    

I am grateful for tradition.  I am grateful for the efforts of others.  I am grateful to those who gave their all for the freedom of our country; who defended us in dark and perilous times throughout history; to the men and women away from their families today, doing just the same, including our brother, Adam, who is currently on his tour of duty.  I am grateful that their bravery will NEVER be forgotten.  And that some day we will teach our children about love, honour, sacrifice and bravery, through their stories.


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  1. That is a lovely post, it is so important to remember these things. You have made me feel all nostalgic for last year because this time a year ago I was in Sydney watching an Anzac parade with my lovely lovely friend. Sigh.