Monday, 30 April 2012

30 Days of Grateful Blogging - Days 5 & 6

Ok, so I'm gonna cheat a bit and put days 5 and 6 together.  There's one simple reason for this.  Yesterday's thing I was grateful for has been a lifesaver again for me today.  Drugs!  Hahaha, I know how that sounds.  Sunny's a junkie?  Well, no I'm not.  But I do really appreciate a good pain reliever.  And the last two days I have been relying on them to get me through work and to be able to sleep through the night.

With it now being 12 days post ovulation I am dead on schedule to get my period.  And with that comes the three days of bloating and cramping pre-fanny blowout and all the joy that follows.  I am currently waiting, with hormonal rage, for my period to show, and I know she's a'coming because everything from my rib cage down aches like a biatch.  Particularly my lower back.

If it wasn't for my favourite codeine and paracetamol combination I wouldn't be able to walk right now.  It kicks my cramping and bloating to the curb for a good three hours of pain free existence.  Seriously, if there were any drug company that wanted to sponsor us poor chicks with period pain, I'd fully recommend anyone that makes decent analgesics!  Trust me, I've tried a few different combos when attempting to rid my body of this horrible pain, and only a few certain things have helped.  And since us infertiles know that Ibuprofen is considered one of the greatest evils, paracetamol combos really are the only way to go.

Listen to me, anyone would think I was a nurse!? HAHA!  But, when you spend all day handing out some of the strongest forms of pain relief to others, you come to learn what works, and what doesn't.  And there's nothing quite like good old panadol!  

So cheers to analgesics!  For you I am truly grateful! 

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  1. Ick, I hope the pain doesn't stay around to long. I guess I am lucky, I only get one day of really crappy pain, the rest is just irritating. Hope you feel better soon chick.