Saturday, 28 April 2012

30 Days of Grateful Blogging - Day 3

In the mail on Thursday I received a very surprising little package.  I had ordered a few books online from Better World Books about a week before and thought that maybe I'd just lucked out on super quick postage.  But the package Hubby brought in from the mailbox was too small and too light to be my order.  On the back the return sender's address was our sister Chelby.

Inside the package was a card and a very familiar looking dark blue jewelry box. Chelby works in a jewelry store, so little blue boxes mean something extra special.  I opened the card first (which I always do when given a gift) and inside was a beautiful story about how she'd experienced her friend's infertility and saw how the power of prayer meant that this friend was now expecting their first baby.  Her friend wore a little gold locket around her neck with a picture of her husband on one side, and left the other side blank in the hopes of one day having a baby photo to place on the other.  Chelby had listened to her friend's story and saw her sadness first hand.  She then prayed long and hard for this woman and her husband, until one day she had good news to share.

This was a very powerful message to our dear sister.  She felt that the locket was a wonderful symbol of how God really does answer your prayers. If you have hope and love in your heart, the power of prayer can help you achieve your dreams.  She bought herself a little gold locket, and wears it every day.

I opened the jewelry box, tears streaming down my face.  Inside was a little gold locket.  Our very own symbol of how God will answer our prayers too, in good time.  We just have to keep praying.

Today I am grateful for a number of things.  I am grateful for surprises.  I am grateful to have married into a family that loves me as if I had always been theirs.  I am grateful for the prayers of others.  I am grateful that we can be taught life lessons from so many different people, even our younger siblings.  I am grateful that our children will have such a big, warm family to come into.

Today, I am so grateful!

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