Thursday, 12 April 2012

Apology to a pregnant friend

I read this beautifully articulated post by the amazing Janelle Moran "Why me?" the other day, and it saddened me that I related to it in a very close and profound way.  It also made me realise, that sometimes our acts of self-preservation as an infertile person, can come across as cold and misunderstood to those around us.  Especially our pregnant friends.  So I wanted to take a little bit of time to say something to my pregnant and trying friends and loved ones.

I love you!  You are my friend, and we have been that way for a long time or a short time, but always a great time.  I am so happy for your happiness.  I wished it for you as hard as your wished it for yourselves.  And I will keep that same wish alive, no matter my personal circumstances.  

I apologise if my actions or words towards you during this wonderful, emotional, exciting time in your life has felt cold and distant, that is not how I truly feel, nor will it ever be.  I do not deny that I have kept a distance on days when I have felt less than 100 percent able to give you my fullest, most loving attention.  I do this not to hurt you, but to not hurt myself.  Your blossoming belly is a magical and amazing thing to watch, as it expands with your growing baby, and there will be times that I too, want to feel the kicks from within.  But there will be others, when I walk away from the crowds of cooing women who adore you.  

I want to share your joy in buying beautiful nursery items and sweet baby clothing, but I will not join you in the baby section and maternity clothing aisles.  I will wait patiently to the side, distracting myself from the pain that those soft fabrics bring to my heart.  

I will send you gifts, lovingly purchased and wrapped, with my fondest wishes written inside the card, for you and your new precious bundle.  And I will mean every single word I wrote.  But I may cry to myself about not sharing your joy as you hold your new one close to you.

I will offer to mind, cuddle and hold your little one while you are busy managing nappy changes, feeding time and a pram full of mummy equipment. And I will look into your child's eyes and fall in-love with them. But my heart will break as I hand them back to you, their mummy, so you can attend their needs.

The sadness in my heart does not take away from the love I have towards you, the excitement I share with you for your grand adventure, or the continuing friendship we will share.  My sadness is my own.  And I am working on separating it far from everything else, so that I may be able to fully enjoy your pregnancy with you.  

And I know, my true friend, that you wish grand things for me too.  We have shared our desire to parent side by side, and we will, one day.  But right now, it is your turn.  And I AM happy for you.

So I leave you with this...  On the days when I seem far away, the days when I am not 100 percent supportive, the days I seem bitter or jealous; please remember I love you, and I'm sorry.   


  1. Oh boy. This resonates completely - probably for every infertile out there. I think it's wonderful you wrote that. You are trying to be the more supportive friend you can, but you realize how it hurts you. It's a fine line to walk and you are doing the best you can. We all are.

  2. What a beautiful and true post. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel or have felt. Amazing :)

  3. That is such an honest and such a beautiful post. It sums it up perfectly. I wish all of my friends could read it.

  4. This is such an amazing post. So very true and caring. Well written!