Friday, 3 June 2011

The Boo

Might sound silly, but this post is dedicated to The Boo.  Our gorgeous little Siberian adopt-a-cat who came into out lives this time last year and has made an indelible mark upon us both.

She never fails to meet me at the stairs when I come home in the evenings, sleeps at the end of our bed and whenever I am in front of the computer writing my blogs she is right here, curled up on my lap.

So when baby-making gets us down, it's ok because we have someone else small and vulnerable to cuddle.

So to all the fur-babies out there bringing comfort to their 'parents', we say THANK YOU!!


  1. Pretty kitty! I am happy to be a kitty-mom too. They do bring a lot of joy and cuddles.

  2. I wish I could convince my hubby that a cat would be a good idea. He is not a cat person. We have two dogs but when it comes to cuddling they just smother the crap out of us. LOL Maybe I'll use your post to convince him... :)