Thursday, 2 June 2011


We're now at Day 15 of Medicated Cycle 3 and all my OPK's have been negative.  This time last cycle I had a big, fat, pink second line indicating that my eggs were cooked and about to pop.  So the fact that I'm still negative has me thinking it won't change.

Am I disappointed - very!  
Do I want to chuck a tantrum - yes

BUT what will that help?  Not me and not my dumb ovaries.  What a shit!  (sorry but there's really no other way I can describe it right now)

Michelle, my hopeful acupuncturist, tells me not to be too sad it's not happening yet, as she sticks the super fine needles into my lady regions.  So I'm trying not to be and faking my calmness until this cycle is officially termed a DUD - which hopefully will only be another fortnight and we can start all over again...

I've learnt something about us though this cycle, things I wouldn't have known if we didn't have to go through this palaver month to month:  
  • Trying new things (acupuncture) can be scary but rewarding
  • There's more to healing than just medicine (which is kind of hard for me being a nurse) 
  • And that no matter what (and I mean NO MATTER WHAT) my husband will never be disappointed in me!
So I don't really have any reason to get too down on myself, because with the bad comes the good.

SPEAKING OF GOOD!!  My gorgeous friend KB and her hubby have just welcomed into the world beautiful little Isabella Grace Francis B, who they have waited long and patiently for through IVF and IUI treatments.  Mum, Dad and Bubba are all doing wonderfully and it's fantastic to watch them beam over their precious little bundle.
I plan to spend a lot of time cuddling and breathing in Isabella's sweet baby scent in the hopes that my hormones will take over and tell my body it's time to create life!

LOVE YOU KB!  You should be so proud of the effort you've both made to get your little one into this world.  She is absolutely PERFECT!!

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