Monday, 6 June 2011

Eat Bake Nurture

 Eat Bake Nurture is my newest, most favourite homewares store online and I wanted to share with you some of their gorgeous supplies!

I am now the proud owner of both an 
Eco Cup 'Tea Lovers' and 'Graphic Edition' mug!  
These mugs are AMAZING!!  They keep your beverage hotter for longer, they come with silicone grips and lids so you don't burn yourself when on the run with your bevvy and they are too cute to boot!!

I've also got to trial a Kids Konserve reusable lunch wrapper, and can I just say what a clever idea these are!
I can take my sandwich to work every day and know it's wrapped tight and sealed with a velcro fastening.  
It's also great to use as a placemat when you forget a plate (which I do A LOT).  
Just wipe them clean and start again tomorrow!!  
(OH, and postage was literally overnight!!) 


Thank you SO MUCH Trish at Eat Bake Nurture.
I LOVE these! 
And I'll be telling ALL my friends!

Sunny xx

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