Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Time for something new?

With this cycle very quickly coming to an end, with no ovulation in sight, we have spent the last week trying to decide what move we want to make next.  Hubby was quite at ease about the fact that we didn't have to see our specialist for over 50 days because he was so convinced that the meds were doing their job.  Now we know they haven't, we both kind of wish we'd had the chance to find out sooner through the routine scanning and testing we were used to.  Throughout all our decision making little events have popped up that have made us just that little bit more uneasy, but could have been so easily avoided.  

In trying to catch up with our specialist we were told that he'd call us "straight away" three days in a row, but we still have not heard from him.  Fed up with waiting I attempted to book myself in to see him at the soonest possible date, which turns out it was a month from now.  Keeping my cool I explained to the receptionist how important it was to see him in person as I hadn't been feeling very well and we'd be starting a new cycle soon.  Reluctantly, she fit me in for 15 minutes on Thursday afternoon, but only if I promised to bring a renewed referral with me from my GP.  (Had it really been 12 months since my PCOS diagnosis?)  I agreed, as I was desperate, and called my GP's office to make the request.

My GP is awesome!  He knows I'm a nurse and work stupid shift hours and as a result, he does his best to help me out.  Including usually writing me referrals and scripts over the phone for me to collect when I'm off work.  It's NEVER been a problem before.  But the receptionist I got this day wasn't having a bar of it!  She insisted that he wouldn't be able to help me over the phone and told me the soonest appointment was Friday afternoon, unless it was "important enough to miss work".  I took the appointment, adding before I hung up that I'd be speaking with my GP about her rudeness and inability to show compassion towards his patients.  She invited me to do so!

I HATE confrontation at the best of times, but two arguments with receptionists in one morning was more than I could handle.  And given the environment in which both these women work, you would ASSUME that they had the ability to empathise with certain delicate situations.  Boy, was I wrong!  So I don't and won't have my renewed referral on time, but I'm headed to my specialist anyway.  What are they going to do, turn me away at the door?  

I'm also armed with a list of questions a mile long.  Three cycles was supposed to be the "trial and error" phase of this medication and if it didn't show results we move on.  Well three cycles are up and we're no closer to producing eggs, so what next?  Can we rely on him to be able to fit us in for scanning when they're needed?  Can I expect to be called back when told he will?  How much longer do we stuff around with the same things because "I'm so young" and we have "so much time" to get this right?

We're ready for some new answers, and we're ready now.  If we don't get the answers we need/want, do we have the guts to ask for a second opinion or even a new specialist?  We'll soon find out!

Let you know what happens...


  1. Yes. You need to find a new specialist if this place is not up to par. This is a huge part of your life and you need to know you can count on the people working with you.

    Don't hesitate to look elsewhere if this appointment doesn't pan out.


  2. Sunny, you need to have confidence in your specialist. Having worked with him previously, and from the way you sound about your feelings towards how you feel you have been treated, I would definitely say you need to move on. We all know stress is definitely not your friend in this situation, and you need to eliminate all that you can. You know my Dr. You know his success stories. Follow your gut instinct and what your heart says, not your sense of obligation. Love and best wishes, KB