Friday, 7 February 2014

Weekly brain dump

I had so hoped to get this post out by Friday night at the latest, but it's been another crazy week here in Sunnyville. Thank goodness it's time for a brain dump!!

This week's brain strain is sadly mostly about money, or more accurately our lack of at the moment. Give me a "HELL YEAH!" if you feel my pain.   All our big bills seem to come at once. This week we got our quarterly electricity bill (way too big to say just how much it is), phone bill, our health insurance premium went up and our car rego is due. Boo!!  Petrol prices are sky high at the moment too, so when we fill up the car we make sure we take our discount vouchers with us, but even then we only get a half tank so we don't have to spend a fortune. 


Gracie is teething like a maniac! She has been for the last two weeks now, poor wee chicken. We've seen no tooth pegs come through as yet, but her gums are especially swollen around her eye teeth. She's got most of the other lovely symptoms too like sore bottom, tugging at her ears and rubbing her eyes non-stop. She's feeding more frequently to try and get some relief, and her sleeping pattern sucks for everyone involved. We've kept her on a pretty tight schedule of baby paracetamol drops and Bonjela tooth gel.  Depending on the day of week she either loves or hates taking a dummy, and it's usually her dislike days where she'll feed more often. Right now she is crashed out on my chest and my slightest movement wakes her in frantic tears. 


Why won't our cat poop in her litter box anymore? This is a question I ask myself daily. I've even asked a vet if there's something wrong, because it seems The Boo no longer feels she is required to poop in her allocated litter tray anymore. Instead she is gradually painting the floor of our garage with poop-art. And guess who wins the lotto of getting to scoop/scrape it up?  That'd be me!! Woohoo!  From what I have read and the vet could explain is that she's telling Hubby and I she is now the boss of the house, or at least the garage area. And to make it all a bit more fun she likes to watch as I clean up her filth. Weirdo!!


I think we've found a childcare centre for Gracie, which is a massive relief. It was the last centre we toured and conveniently the closet one to our house. Infact it's practically in our street.  The reason we hadn't applied there sooner is because they never returned an email enquiry I'd sent late last year, so I assumed they couldn't fit us in. Turns out their email has recently changed and I was sending my questions to the old address. Anyway, this centre is lovely. The nursery room is nice and big and airy with its own sleeping room and garden play area. All meals and nappies are included each day. And the staff the kid ratio is awesome. Plus we can walk there from home if we want!  Phew!


The sixth of February marked a whole year since Gracie's Boobal defrost and transfer date. What a milestone! I wonder if one day we'll celebrate these days or the actual Boobal conception date with our kids. Would that be weird? Kind of like having three birthdays but all in different years.  Maybe it'll just be something Hubby and I acknowledge so as to not confuse everyone. Haha! 

Anyone celebrating any significant milestones of their own this week/month/year?  Let me know, I'd love to celebrate with you. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. I am so glad you found childcare for the Smoosh. That can be really stressful! As for money, yeah, we have been super tight on that for a while. Damn expensive IVF! I feel you there.

    Teething is so difficult. Cooper's 11th tooth is coming in and the past month has been tough! It seems they come in groups. This bottom molar needs to finish breaking through because it's driving us all crazy. He's got his pacifier probably 75% of the day right now because he can't cope.