Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weekly brain dump

We finally farewelled our big old red couch this week. The base fell out the bottom and the springs gave Sunny Hubby a rather hilarious poke in the bottom. So we dragged it to the front kerb and left it for council collection.  Our great friends A and C kindly have gifted us with a rather gorgeous replacement couch and I'm so excited to give our living room a bit of a makeover.  Being in a townhouse with open plan living-dining room means the layout of furniture doesn't change all too often. Now I've got a great excuse to move some things around and buy some gorgeous new pillows and throw rugs. 


Our neighbourhood is currently experiencing it's annual kerbside collection. This is when you're allowed to make a giant pile of your old household furniture and crap on the footpath outside your home and men from the council will come and collect it. The idea is that anything worth salvaging goes to charity stores and sold for a good cause. The reality is that every day in the lead up to said collection the trolls drive round your suburb with their trailers and empty cars, stopping at each individual pile and rifling through your discards for their own use. I've seen sedans with couches hanging out boots. I've seen compact cars piled high with broken electronics.  But worst of all, I've seen bags and bags of secondhand clothes ripped open and thrown across driveways as people ravage donations for a little something for themselves.  Don't get me wrong, when I was a poor university student we may have acquired a whole dining table and chairs from such a collection day, but I would never destroy what remains I didn't want and leave a huge mess on a strangers front footpath. That's poor form! 


Gracie's teeth still haven't cut through the gum yet! Which leaves my poor little chicken with ongoing aches and pains.  In an attempt to cut down on paracetamol use my girlfriend recommended the Hylands baby teething range and the gel has been an absolute lifesaver. 


The Walking Dead started again this week. If I haven't mentioned it before, I'll tell you now - I LOVE TWD!! I'm addicted. From the first show. And then I became addicted to the comic. And then to the games.  Andrew Lincoln can be my sheriff any day! And I know everyone loves Darryl, so you can keep him and I'll have Rick all to myself! 


I am pre-menstrual and I hate it! My damn ovaries are up to no good again (more on this topic later). Needless to say I'm not happy camper at the moment. Oh dear!

How's your week been? 
How long after baby did you get your period back? 
Any other tips for teething babies?
Am I boring you all yet? 

Have a good one! 

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