Monday, 24 February 2014

You gotta have friends

This is a shoutout to our friends. To those gorgeous people who support us, love us, enquire about us constantly, give us things, give great hugs and who make us feel wonderful. 

I've always said that certain friends are more like family to us. Our families are so terrific and supportive and nothing can take that away from them. But we also have some very dear, long term friends who have filled our lives in times when our families weren't close by. Friends who, when we were married stood beside us blessed our marriage and celebrated with us. Friends who, when they found out we wanted so desperately to have a baby vowed to hold our hands, give us words of encouragement and offered advice and guidance.  Friends who, when we are struggling with time management, poor finances and heavy loads roll up their sleeves, offer their wares and never hesitate to help us any way they can. They are our people and we love them all so much. 

The Sunny family may not all be joined by blood, but we are definitely joined at the heart. Thank you to all of you who love us so much. I hope you know that we'd never hesitate to return the favour. 


Sunny xx

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