Wednesday, 16 May 2012

30 Days of Grateful Blogging - Day 19

*Written in retrospect*

Today I am under the weather, again.  Since having the flu last month I seem to get sick at the drop of a hat, which sucks since I'm a nurse and around sick people ALL DAY LONG! 

Breaking all the rules, I went off to work anyway, hoping I'd be able to hide my sniffles with a lie about having allergies.  Not long into my shift my head was throbbing, my nose was running, my neck was aching and the whole ward was spinning around me.  I attempted some dinner, thinking maybe a little sustenance might make the difference, only to add nausea on top of it all.  Luckily, one of the beautiful women I work with took one look at my face and told me to head home.  She explained how she'd had the same bug for almost as long as I had, and coming back to work when she wasn't well felt like torture.  She sent me home, and reassured she'd look after my bunch.

This week is also International Nurses and Midwives Week.  Today, and always, I am grateful for the caring women and men who I work with.  We don't just care for our patients, we care for each other as well.  Without good, hardworking nurses to support us, our jobs would be a million times harder than it already is.


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