Friday, 4 May 2012

30 Days of Grateful - Day 10

Today has been a busy little day here in the Sunny household.  Last night Hubby and I sat down and made ourselves a new and improved game plan for the remainder of 2012 (can you believe it's May already?!).  We did this at the start of the year too, with a set of goals we wanted to achieve in the 12 months between last Christmas and next, however, now that the year is almost half over it's time to reassess.  

We have been putting off moving to a bigger place for the last year and a half.  I love our home, absolutely love it.  We moved in before we got married, spent our first night as man and wife here, bought furniture and created our own style of cosy.  But our two bedrooms have been stretched to fit a main bed, guest room, home office and music room.  Not to mention accommodating countless family and friends.  Our garage has become a storage facility. And our lounge/dining room, my office.  The idea of creating a nursery among all this makes my head spin.  But, as you can imagine, the lengthening time it has taken us to fall pregnant has made an awesome excuse to stay put.  After all, who loves to pack and move house????

So, when we got an email from our estate agent asking if we'd like to renew our lease again, we finally made the big decision to move.  Within a day, Hubby had ordered the packing boxes which were delivered straight to our front door.  And today, we began the arduous task of packing up our belongings.  Hubby attacked the DVD and TV cabinets, while I packed boxes full of books.  We don't move for another five weeks, so packing will be a slow and steady process while we sort and de-clutter.  But as I went through our rooms today, devising a schedule for the whole process, I started to feel a little sad.  I have loved this home.  It has been OUR first home.  Here we learned what it takes to be married, to cope with the ups and downs, to stick together.  It has been warm and inviting, and the place I've wanted to run to when the rest of the world seems so dark and scary.  This house has opened up to us, given us room to grow and breathe and create our own space.  For this I am very grateful!    


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  1. Moving is exciting and sad all at the same time. Just think of the great memories you will make in the next home, where I think you will make so many happy memories, hopefully with your take home baby!